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Unhealthy snacks you should stay away from

Unhealthy Snacks You Should Stay Away From

We are a nation that is surrounded by media hype for all kinds of foods. Combined with a fast paced lifestyle where we have little time to actually eat the kinds of healthy foods that we would like, and you have a recipe for grabbing unhealthy snacks.

While the best plans for exercise and health might be at the forefront of our minds, putting these plans into reality is another situation entirely.

If you have made the decision to start eating more health, the first step you need to take is to read the ingredients on everything that you buy that is prepackaged. This will help you make better choices. Here are some tips regarding the unhealthy snacks that you should stay away from.

Mystery ingredients:
If you don’t have a clue what the contents are, or the names sound like too many chemicals, stay away from it.

Soda or Pop:
Call it whatever you like, but this stuff is bad for you. The average can of soda contains thirty to fifty five mg of caffeine, ten teaspoons of sugar and can be 150+ calories. There is nothing nutritional in a soda.

Fried Potato Products:
French fries and potato chips top the list. Not only do these wonderfully tasty foods contain high levels of trans fat, but when potatoes are baked or fried at high temperatures, they produce acrylamide. This is a known carcinogen and neurotoxin. When some of the more well known brands of chips and fries were tested they contained three hundred times more than the EPA allows in a single glass of water.

Baked Goods and Doughnuts:
Doughnuts should have their own category, because we just can’t seem to get enough of them and they are so bad for us. They are trans fat and sugar miracles that have absolutely no nutritional value. Baked goods should include anything that is baked and prepackaged as well as those fresh from the bakery items. Beyond the incredible levels of preservatives and corn syrup, they contain more than three times the trans fat of any other foods.

Salty Snacks:
Yes, the body does need sodium to function; but the amount of salt intake of the average American is far above what is really needed. High sodium intake is directly related to heart disease. While salty snacks are the worst offenders, just take a look at any standard prepackaged item. Under the guise of thinking salt is needed to preserve an item, we are loading our bodies with salt.

Hot dogs:
Unsure if hot dogs should be listed as a snack or a meal. I know some people that eat them as snacks. No matter how you consume them, they are just wrong for you. They are a processed meat and that alone should keep you away. Hot dogs are typically made with the meat items that can’t be used anywhere else. On top of that, they contain sodium nitrate. Nitrates are a known carcinogen. The good news on hot dogs is that you can find sodium nitrate free hot dogs of the more organic varieties in health food stores.

There are more and more organic and health oriented snacks on the market these days. If you take a little time you can change your habit from unhealthy snacks to foods that taste good and are a lot better for you.


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