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    bla bla bla…. crap! do ur research!!! or please go to college!

Top 10 Dangers of Genetically Modified Food

Genetically Modified Foods
• Genetically modified foods are new, and have not been in use long enough for the risks to be known.
• Genetically modified foods have not been subject to thorough research and testing.
• Foods that are genetically altered can involve risks of unknown toxins and allergens never before seen in humans.


Resistant Weeds 1. Resistant Weeds

Food crops grown from genetically modified seeds can affect the weeds that grow in the same area. Weeds can access the modified genes which make the crops resistant, and after some years the weeds themselves can become resistant. This will mean more chemicals needed, which can affect the safety of the food crops when consumed. Higher chemicals can mean food which should not be eaten.

Higher Levels Of Plant Estrogens2. Higher Levels Of Plant Estrogens

Glyphosate, which is applied to make crops resistant to weeds, causes higher plant estrogen levels. Estrogen affects all mammals, including humans, and children are very susceptible to higher estrogen levels, which can be dangerous and pose long term health risks.

Unknown Toxins3. Unknown Toxins

Genetically altering seeds and foods can pose unknown risks of toxins and allergens that have never been present before. This was seen with an L-tryptophan supplement produced in 1989. This supplement caused the death of thirty seven people and affected more than fifteen hundred more. The bacteria used was altered genetically, resulting in a new and toxic amino acid never found in this supplement before.

Risk Of Negative Interactions4. Risk Of Negative Interactions

With genetically modified foods, there is always a risk of interactions or reactions that have never been seen. This can be an interaction between two different foods with modified genes or between the genes in the food and certain medications. There is not enough evidence because these crops and foods have not been in use long enough, and new varieties are frequently being produced.

No Long Term Research5. No Long Term Research

Genetically modified foods have not had long term research done, and very little short term information. The government approved the use of these foods in the food chain under the assumption that the risks were the same as the unmodified plants, and this was a big mistake. The genetic modification done on the plants can have a dramatic effect on the risks and safety concerns, and there is no long term risk information available to determine if these foods have long term risks.

Genetically Modified Food Is Not Labeled6. Genetically Modified Food Is Not Labeled

One of the biggest dangers with genetically modified foods is that there is no labeling requirements. These foods make up one fourth of the food supply in the United States, and is in more foods than you may think. Without labeling it is impossible to know which foods have higher risks so that you can avoid them and protect the health of your family.

Unknown Genetic Effect On Humans7. Unknown Genetic Effect On Humans

There is no way to tell if genetically modified foods can have an effect on the genetics of people. At first it was believed by scientists and researchers that the modified genes were destroyed during the digestion process, but recently modified food genes have been found in the brains of some infant mice. This can be very dangerous in infants and children, and poses unknown risks for anyone who eats these foods.

Higher Fat Content In Some Foods8. Higher Fat Content In Some Foods

When genetically modified food crops are fed to animals, the result can be unexpected. When genetically altered soybeans were used as part of the diet for dairy cows, the resulting milk had higher percentages of fat in it. This factor shows that the genetically modified foods should not be considered just as safe as the traditional food.

Insect Resistance9. Insect Resistance

Foods which are genetically altered to minimize the need for pesticides can actually cause an increase in chemical use over time and produce insects which become resistant to commonly used pesticides. This can create insect problems that can threaten the food supply and result in food shortages.

The Little Information Currently Available Is Skewed10. The Little Information Currently Available Is Skewed

The small amount of information available about genetically modified foods is skewed and not accurate at times. When the application for Roundup Ready genetically modified soybeans was completed for market approval of the soybeans, the information in the application was based on the safety level and compound concentration levels of traditional soybeans and not from testing on the genetically modified version.

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27 Responses to “Top 10 Dangers of Genetically Modified Food”

  1. Emily says:

    wow…what else is not genetically modified?

  2. Jason says:

    Is organic food REAL? maybe i should go organic…

  3. mara says:

    Genetically modified tomatoes are quite tasty, no health problems whatsoever. Perhaps it depends on exact food that have been modified.

    • Chris Hilsenbeck says:

      No… the problem of our nation becoming fatter resides soley within the individuals themselves, not GMOs. Nobody is forcing you to eat these GM plants, so they choose eat them. Plus, there is no evidence supporting this claim. The only way that GMOs can make you gain weight is if you eat a lot of it… just like with any other food.

  4. Jenny P. says:

    about #8: maybe that is a culprit behind our nation becoming fatter and fatter. very upsetting…

  5. smith says:

    Only four of these are “dangers” and a higher fat content doesnt mean a bad fat content (e.g. avocados)

    3,4,5,6,7,and 10 should all be under one thing “unknown effects” and aren’t reasons to avoid the foods. Most of this list is just playing on fears. GM foods are going to be all we eat in a few years, especially w/ climate change and water shortages.

    Get over it.

  6. Atha says:

    Wow, not a single fact in the list. Glad this list wasn’t around when Penicillin was discovered.

  7. London says:

    I really had no idea that genetically modified food could be dangerous. This article honestly is one that opened up my eyes, especially about the fat content. I can not believe that this is happening right under our noses!

  8. Michael says:

    Whenever I think about food, especially something like this, I really have to do my research. Although this article brings up a lot of important points, I definitely think I need to research a bit more before I make my opinion.

  9. Katherine says:

    I would have to agree with Michael, I think that I would need to do my research more. Genetically modified food? Honestly? I think that organic food is incredible and I am not quite sure how I feel about genetically modified food right now.

  10. Kirk says:

    Most of these are rubbish, or at least overstated. Indeed, for “top 10” list of dangers, about half of them were that “something is unknown”… in other words, you got nuthin’

    #6 isn’t so much a danger of GM-foods as much as a danger of bad labelling (I agree they should be labelled so that customers can make informed decisions… but the same applies to other attributes of food as well)

  11. Mariel H says:

    “Weeds can access the modified genes which make the crops resistant”. You obviously have absolutely no idea how genes work. Cows have the genes to produce a four-chambered stomach that can digest grass, that doesn’t mean that if I hang out around cows, or even if I eat them, that my offspring will gain this ability.

    Glyphosate, as can be readily learned from a google search, is an herbicide. Plants have not been genetically engineered to produce glyphosate, but to resist it. This has caused a decrease in the use of other, more toxic herbicide chemicals.

    “Foods which are genetically altered to minimize the need for pesticides can actually cause an increase in chemical use over time” In what way, exactly? They’re modified to not need pesticides, so how would they cause the use of pesticides to increase? And how would the plant being resistant to insects cause the insects to become resistant to pesticides? Your logic here needs some explaining, as it appears to be severely flawed.

    In closing, I’d like to point out that if you want foods that are not genetically enhanced, then your SOL because /ALL/ commercial foods are genetically enhanced. Thousands of years of selective breeding have produced all of our crops and livestock, and you know what selective breeding is? Genetic modification. The only difference is that now we can modify traits more quickly and with much, much more accuracy. We now have crops that can produce as much as four times more food per acre than previously, and considering that globally we’re only producing enough to feed two-thirds of the earth’s population, I think that’s a bit more compelling than your unresearched, unsubstantiated scare meme.

  12. Uncle B says:

    Look up negative stuff on Monsanto and get really scared – some stuff about controlling seeds to the whole world, so they can control food for every living soul, then impose their own agenda, or enslave folks? Really frightening stuff – all from GMO’s!

  13. Lia says:

    It all makes so much sense. When we came to America few years ago, we were suprised how all food tasted different: chicken looked like chicken but when you eat it, there is no flavor like the one that was in our home grown chickens and so is with everything else, especialy produce. And what about all those food allergies that some children are getting? In my kid’s school someone was taken by ambulance to the hospital because he touched the door handle that was touched by another student who ate peanut butter sandwich for lunch. And also there’s a video “The future of food” that everyone should watch. Look for it on
    Monsanto has their people in the goverment and they approve everything. They are a very big company who gets away with anything. They destroy farms, they pattent seeds, they put gmo products on the shelves of supermarkets without consumer knowledge and without labeling. Many countries stopped buying US grown gmo corn and soy resulting in big export $$$ loss. I can go on and on, just watch the video, it will open your eyes.

  14. jonie says:

    wow thats really bad. now im realy glad im only allergic to penisilins. i havee no food alergies but alot of my close friends do…wow

  15. […] Just to make it worse:  Here are the Top 10 Dangers of GM Foods […]

  16. Heather says:

    go to and click on “search”(top right). enter “monsanto” into the search field and then read results. seriosly if you are dumb enough to think that gmo is ok then you are surely dumb enough to die from it.

  17. pearsch says:

    Dr. Pusztai was awarded a $3 million grant by the UK government to design the system for safety testing genetically modified organisms (GMOs). The results of Pusztai’s work were supposed to become the required testing protocols for all of Europe. But when he fed supposedly harmless GM potatoes to rats, things didn’t go as planned. Within just 10 days, the animals developed potentially pre-cancerous cell growth, smaller brains, livers, and testicles, partially atrophied livers, and damaged immune systems. Pusztai was interviewed on TV and expressed his concerns about GM foods. Then came the phone calls from the pro-GMO prime minister’s office to the institute’s director. The next morning, Pusztai was fired.

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  19. amy may hodges says:

    what are the ten points on G.M (genetically modified)foods.

  20. There’s a reason why the Obama family, The british monarchy, the rich and elite avoid genetically modified grub, along with fluoridated water, and vaccinations.

    I for one eat organically, and it only costs me maybe 10% extra on my food bill.

  21. It also is without a doubt very good information. My partner and I may well use soon. And My partner and I hope my family will probably be pleased with the final results.

  22. Lea says:

    Who wrote this?? Well, I’m pretty sure he/she isn’t a scientist,medical practitioner,educator or someone who finished college.This article is just like the title say’s “Food MYTHS”

  23. Eric says:

    bla bla bla…. crap! do ur research!!! or please go to college!

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