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Protein Deficient Diet is Very Bad for Your Health

  • Our bodies are dependent on protein for the maintenance of cells.
  • Protein cannot be stored in our bodies for future use. When deficient of protein, there is no reservoir to tap a protein supply from.
  • Since diseases begin at a cellular level, a healthy cell means a healthy body.
  • Albumin is a necessary protein which maintains the body fluid balance. This keeps an adequate amount of liquid in and around the cells.

Protein is a necessary nutrient for the overall health of our bodies. Proteins are crucial for the growth and maintenance of all cells in our body. It is pertinent for body development, lost blood replenishment, wound and scar healing, dead cell replacement, and hair and nail growth. Proteins when formed as enzymes, antibodies, and hormones provide physiological and metabolic processes. Our nervous and immunity systems also depend on protein for proper functioning. If following a protein deficient diet, one may suffer symptoms such as hair loss, slower wound healing, poor digestibility, fluid buildup in extremities, liver damage, decrease of muscle mass, fatigue, and inadequate immunities.

Protein is a significant component of every cell within the body. It is the main constituent of hair and nails. Protein is not stored by the body like fat and carbohydrates. Therefore, when following a protein deficient diet and the body is in need of protein, there is no reservoir to tap from when the time comes.

One of the prominent disadvantages of diets consisting primarily of vegetables and fruits is the potentially dangerous lack of protein in their diet. Vegetables do not contain the complete amino acid rundown as found in animal proteins. In order for meatless eaters to get an adequate amount of protein, they must consume significant amounts of certain vegetables every day. For strength trainers, an insufficient amount of protein intake will prevent satisfactory results at the gym. Bodybuilders count on protein which will aid in building the lean muscle mass.

The body fluid balance is maintained by a protein called albumin. The body fluid balance is what keeps the adequate amount of liquid in and around the cells. Blood proteins are essential in regulating the body fluid balance between blood and tissue. When there is a lack of blood proteins, the results is a condition known as edema or tissue swelling. Edema can lead to other medical problems, as well. Healthy cells mean a healthy body. Diseases begin at the cellular level where healthy tissues are created by healthy cells. These tissues turn around and create healthy organs. This chain reaction ends up with the healthy endocrine and immune systems. So, the body fluid balance is important to the mutation of the body’s cellular process. Proteins are responsible for maintaining the cellular liquids.

The internal ph maintenance is vitally important to keeping our bodies health. When the internal ph decreases for an extended period of time, the body will be detrimentally affected. The internal ph maintenance will be in effect from including various alkaline foods a part of the daily diet. To alkalize the body, 50 percent of your diet should be vegetables. Protein should consist of 25 to 30 percent intake. Other foods would make up 25 to30 percent of the daily intake.

A well balanced diet which includes the consumption of protein will keep the body functioning at its optimal best. When the diet is deficient in protein, the mechanics of the body will perform at an imbalanced level, the basis of serious illnesses.

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6 Responses to “Protein Deficient Diet is Very Bad for Your Health”

  1. Diane says:

    This was one of the major problems on my college cross country team. There were so many girls that were trying to be vegetarian and it was destroying their races and workouts. Without the protiens they couldn’t recover nor could they perform. It was pretty sad.

  2. Linda says:

    This is really interesting. I always knew that protien was important and that we needed it, but I never knew what it actually did for you. Hearing this type of stuff actually gives you a reason to do what everyone keeps telling you. It puts motive behind the action. Nice work.

  3. Thomas says:

    I’m glad to hear that twenty-five to thirty percent of our food intake should be protien. People keep telling me that if I am ever going to lose any weight that I need to stop eating meat. This seemed like a dumb idea to me, especially because I have been working out really hard. Now I have proof.

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