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7 Nutrition Supplements for Marathon Runner

Nutrition Supplements

  • There are a number of nutritional supplements that can help any marathon runner improve
  • Some sport nutrition supplements may contain more than one type of supplement
  • Taking the proper nutrition supplements will ensure that you stay healthy and have ideal performance and endurance during your running

1. Antioxidants

Nutrition supplements for any marathon runner should include antioxidant supplements, which include Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Selenium, and the carotenoids. When you run extended distances or for long times, your body produces more free radicals due to the strenuous exercise you are doing. These free radicals can cause damage to certain components of your ells and body. Taking antioxidant supplements may prevent these free radicals from causing damage. To be effective, you must start taking these supplements at least a few weeks before you plan on running a race, to give them time to become effective and work efficiently.

2. Joint Support

Joint support sport nutrition supplements can also be important for marathon runners. If you run extensively, you can wear down the ligaments and joints in your body, and these supplements can help prevent and repair damage before it can cause problems. These nutrition supplements may contain Glucosamine, Chondroitin, and MSM. Glucosamine prevents inflammation and helps promote repair and growth in your cartilage and joint tissue. Chondroitin ensures that your cartilage stays elastic and strong, and prevents any cartilage damage caused by enzymes. MSM provides needed sulfur to allow optimal healing and tissue growth.

3. Protein

Protein is one of the big nutrition supplements for marathon runners, because this nutrient is needed for building and repairing your muscles. Without adequate protein, your muscles will not be able to go the distance, recover, or repair themselves afterwards. This supplement should be used all the time, not just before a big race, because it is needed by your body daily to repair any damage you do in training and to help build more muscle so you have more speed and stamina.

4. Fatty Acid

Fatty Acid nutrition supplements are essential for any marathon runner. These nutrients provide lubrication and protection for your joints, so that they move easily and smoothly, with no inflammation or rubbing. Your joints will not wear down as much or as quickly, and there will be no pain or stiffness in them. Without adequate amounts of these acids in your body all the time, your joints will not be as well protected and may experience more wear and tear, as well as more problems and pain.

5. Glutamine

One of the sport nutrition supplements you should be using if you are a marathon runner or other endurance trainer is Glutamine. This nutrient is an amino acid which can be found in your plasma and muscles, and it is actually beneficial for your immune system and your skeletal muscles, which are composed of sixty five percent Glutamine. Without a nutritional supplement, you may not get enough of this nutrient. This will make it harder for your skeletal muscles and immune system to recover after a workout, and take significantly longer as well.

6. Multi-Vitamin

One of the most common nutrition supplements for athletes is a multi-vitamin and mineral supplement. This will ensure that you have all of the nutrients your body needs every day for optimal performance and health. Some vitamins are water based, and must be replaced every single day. A multi-vitamin supplement will make sure your body has everything needed to work at the highest level of efficiency, and will also help your endurance and stamina as well.

7. Vasodilators

Vasodilators are sport nutrition supplements used in marathon running and a number of other sports as well, including body building. These nutritional supplements help to improve the blood flow through your body by opening up the blood vessels, allowing more nutrients and oxygen to get to all of your cells much faster. These supplements can help improve your endurance and allow your body to operate more efficiently.

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7 Responses to “7 Nutrition Supplements for Marathon Runner”

  1. I am going to start training for a local marathon and I am using a program developed by Marrius Bakken. It’s a really good system, I am just throwing it out there for those who are interested in a good system.

  2. Joe says:

    My running addict buddy turned me on to an all naturalsupplement (vitamin?) called Oxi-7 ( It’s ingredients include the Acai and Aronia berry, and is rich is anti-oxidants. Has anybody else tried this? My buddy swears by it but I’m often weary of new vitamins on the market…

  3. Chris says:

    Hey Joe,

    I have tried the supplement. It is pretty good, I like the results I got. Very good for recovery and skin, BUT, it will take roughly 2 weeks before you really feel it.

    Hope that helps,


  4. Mike says:


    I love this supplement. Started taking it 2 months ago and see a real difference. try it if you already haven’t.


  5. Joyce Regis says:

    I like your content!

  6. That appears very awful, maybe you’ve tried the SuperBlue relief cream? Well that proved helpful for me, may well work for you also.

  7. toam rawert says:

    I like this supplement as it allows to me to run even with my crippling autism and retardation.

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