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7 Dangers of Coffee Addiction

Coffee Addiction

  • Coffee addiction can lead to many dangers and medical problems, including high blood sugar and insomnia
  • If you suffer from coffee addiction you may experience withdrawals for a few weeks after you stop drinking coffee
  • Coffee addiction can lead to depression and anxiety

1. Adrenal Exhaustion

Coffee addiction can lead to adrenal overload, and eventually to adrenal exhaustion. When you drink coffee, your neurons start firing in your brain. This
causes your pituitary gland to send a signal to your adrenal glands, and adrenaline is released from your adrenal gland as a result. Eventually, because of th addiction, you are drinking large quantities of coffee each day, and this will cause your adrenal glands to become overworked and exhausted, and you will feel tired even when drinking coffee.

2. High Blood Sugar

People who are addicted to coffee have much higher risks for high blood sugar. When coffee is used to provide energy, you will crash after a couple of hours and normally reach for something sweet to bring you back up. In addition many of us use sugar in our coffee, or flavored sugar syrups, and this can also elevate your blood sugar. When you first start drinking coffee your blood sugar levels may actually go down, but after a short time of daily coffee consumption the opposite is true, and your blood sugar levels will go up significantly.

3. Insomnia And Abnormal Sleep Patterns

Coffee addiction can lead to disturbed sleep patterns, and even insomnia. Because caffeine addiction leads to ever increasing doses due to a tolerance being built up, your adrenal glands may produce so much adrenaline that you find yourself tossing and turning, waking frequently, or even being unable to sleep. When adrenaline is released into your system, your body goes into fight or flight mode, and complete relaxation may become completely impossible. When you are trying to cut back and wean yourself, the physical and mental cravings may have the same effect for a few weeks.

4. Natural Serotonin Reduction Leading To Depression

Coffee addiction leads to excessive adrenaline production and release from the adrenal glands. As adrenaline production increases, the neurotransmitter Serotonin is decreased in production. This neurotransmitter is responsible for preventing depression, and helping you to relax and stay calm. Coffee addiction can lead to depression and anxiety in many users, and these can be prevented by limiting or eliminating coffee and caffeine from your diet. Many people do not realize that their coffee addiction is causing these symptoms, and may spend large amounts on anti-depression and anti-anxiety medications.

5. Dehydration

One danger of coffee addiction that many do not even think about is dehydration. Coffee contains caffeine, which is a diuretic that causes your body to eliminate more water. Drinking large amounts of coffee can cause dehydration in a couple of different ways. Excessive coffee consumption causes excessive water elimination, and this can cause dehydration. In addition, coffee addicts drink this beverage in place of healthier fluids that help keep you hydrated, like water and fruit juices. Between the extra water loss caused by coffee drinking and the lack of enough other fluids you can become very dehydrated very quickly, without even realizing it.

6. Malnutrition

An addiction to coffee can cause malnutrition, if excessive amounts of this beverage are used and they dampen hunger. Many times coffee is used in large quantities all day long if you are severely addicted. This leads to cravings for sugary foods, which usually have very few nutritional benefits if any. These junk foods may cause you to gain weight while suffering from malnutrition, because your body is not getting the proper nutrition needed for optimum function.

7. Caffeine Tolerance And Withdrawals

Withdrawals can be a big danger for any caffeine addict. Over time you will build up a tolerance to caffeine, and more coffee is needed to get the same benefits as before. After a while, when you try to cut down on coffee or quit completely, you will suffer from withdrawal symptoms. These can include a headache, irritability, insomnia, and many other problems.

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8 Responses to “7 Dangers of Coffee Addiction”

  1. I experience some of above side effect when drinking coffee, such as : depression, anxiety, heart beats quicker / harder, head-ache, stomach-ache.
    Now, I just realized that there are even more side effects.
    My purpose to drink coffee is to drive away sleepyness and to increase energy , especially when I am sitting in front of the computer doing online business such as : submit articles, SEO, etc.

    Is there other way to drive away sleepyness and to increase energy instead of drinking coffee ?

    Would appreciate your prompt reply

    Best Regards,
    Hendra Subrata Liu

  2. Justin says:

    These are all very true. Here’s my horror story with coffee.

    I recently had a kidney stone. Turns out that drinking a lot of coffee, energy drinks and mountain dew can cause that.

    I drink about one of those each day. Well I used to… now I don’t.

  3. Genivive says:

    As with anything else… Moderation is key.

  4. I’m pleased I found this webpage, I couldnt get any knowledge on this subject matter before. I also operate a website and if you’re ever serious in doing a bit of visitor writing for me if possible feel free to let me know, im always look for people to check out my site. Please stop by and leave a comment sometime!

  5. terry macdonald says:

    i drink 4 can red bull some times 5 and around 8 or 9 cups of coffee need help realy costing me alot of money a week

  6. I have been trying to lose weight for 3 years. Can any one point in the right direction where I can buy Formula 1 products and any weight lose products. I have tried Weight Watchers but always put back on what I lost. Herbalife has been recommended and I would like to hear from people who have tried it.

  7. arthur says:

    This article is a crock of ….
    And the comments on kidney stones…. an even bigger crock…. I know more than several people here in Dixieland with kidney stones. NONE of whom. not a one of them, are coffee drinkers. But they all eat high fat diets, drink lots of sweet tea, lots of soda’s, and are all rather sendentary individuals.
    Coffee, real fresh ground whole bean coffee, not that instant semi-real stuff, nor the no/low caffeine stuff, is a very healthful food…..
    I drink it some days all day, and have since I was old enough to remember anything. We were raised on it. Though some days I drink none at all.
    I have no issues with elevated blood sugar levels. I have no issues with with sleep. I have no issues with anything.
    I am 58 years of age and take nothing pharmaceutical. I am still a real 6′ tall, weigh 172-175 pounds, with an rest pulse that stays between 45-50 BPM, with blood pressure that stays consistently right around 108/68, and two hours after eating my blood sugar will be right around 87 to 95. My “fsting” glucose levels has never been above 76 My cholesterol “number” stays between 225 and 230, with my last tested HDL/LDL ratio (April 7, 2011) was shown to be 3.67:1
    Then again, I don’t eat ANY refined sugars, I use raw honey, real molasses, real sorghum syrup. I don’t eat any refined grains or anything refined. I don’t eat grain fed beef or pork or farm raised fish, or industrially raised poultry. And I absolutely avoid any and all of any kind of artificial/synthetic sweeteners. And I eat real butter, real cheeses, real eggs, zero no/low fat anything, and when available to me, real ice cold non-pateurized/homogenized milk, And absolutely zero modified fats of any kind. And I walk 45 minutes twice a day all year long regardless of the weather. And I get rid of a pint of “old blood” every eight weeks. Oh yeah, I neither take sleep “aids”, nor purposely remain so foolish as to think that the reams of neurological research into the importance of sufficient sleep applies to everyone but me.
    The real problem is y’all eat garbage instead of real food, and take “supplements” instead of eating real food.
    The adrenalin and serotonin stuff above is far from accurate….. Serotonin… What? You think it’s primarily some sort of neuro-active agent? Where is it made? What does it do? How is it utilized? Maybe you should find out. And adrenaline, ask the same questions….
    Now before you start with the anything about how I don’t know, and read/take/listen…. I see and have for the last nine years been seen by real life university research neurologists who, each and every one, have told me that even at the large end of moderate amounts coffee, either sugar free or lightly sweetened w/o refined or synthetic sweeteners, isn’t going to do any healthy individual any harm at all.
    Eat right, eat real, and turn off that TV and PC, and go for a walk…. If you think there is any other way, you’re just fooling yourself….
    I’ll just keep on drinking all the coffee I want, while taking “nothing”…. Feel free do do otherwise….

  8. Shane says:

    Caffeine is not a diuretic, that is a myth. You can and should count your cups of coffee towards your daily recommended water intake.

    Please correct this ERROR on your website.

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